Pretending To Be An Adult

You survived puberty, high school, and even college (or at least parts of it) and now you have arrived. You have arrived at the front door of adulthood where you are no longer child who relies on their parents for everything, but you are still aren’t quite self-sufficient. Psychologists jokingly refer to your position as Emerging Adulthood, and now it makes sense as you struggle to fit in with the grown ups who seem to have it all together.

If you are worried that you are an imposter in the adult world, and you might be one of those people just pretending to be an adult already, check yourself with a list of basic daily dilemmas here.

1. You are proudly paying your own bills! But still only about half of them because you happen to enjoy being on your parents’ insurance plan as well as phone bill.

2. You know that graphic tees and gym shorts are unacceptable “going out” attire. But you still struggle with what is socially acceptable for casual Fridays at the office.

3. Healthy meals make you feel great inside and out. Your metabolism has finally caught up with you, but you still choose to eat like a teenager even if it means Cheetos and soda for dinner.

4. Congratulations, you went out and got a full time job! It still isn’t what you had pictured as a career for yourself.

5. Savings accounts are no longer a foreign concept to you. Just please don’t nag me about my 401k, I’m trying Mom, I swear!

6. Committed relationships don’t scare you, and you are excited to be in a functional long-term relationship. Don’t ask me where the engagement ring is though. I’m still young and having fun taking things at whatever pace I choose to.

7. Netflix suggests comic book movies as well as serious adult dramas. There’s no age limit on the Avengers though, so… I’m definitely going to watch that after House of Cards.

8. There is at least one book on your nightstand, and you are even beginning to read it! Never joining a book club that discusses biographies or political text though. NEVER.

And my personal favorite;

9. You have your own apartment/condo/house/town-home that is ALL YOURS. And no matter how hard you try to pick a cohesive decorating scheme, you struggle to create a space that resembles both the adult life that you want as well as the young life you are still having fun with. After all you aren’t done figuring it all out yet, and that’s the beauty of being in this stage of life.

Jay Frankly


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