Thought #10

Unresolved arguments keep me from getting a good night’s sleep. I absolutely hate feeling as if someone is going to bed feeling mad or upset with me. It sucks, and it’s even harder to sleep if the argument came from a place of misunderstanding that wasn’t really resolved. For someone to be upset over something that was misconstrued? Ugh! No way!



What keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep?


Thought #9

If I was given $100 under the condition that I had to spend it all on myself, I could oblige. I would spoil myself at the mall with a new outfit, new shoes, or maybe even makeup. If nothing really catches my eye at the mall I’d spend it all at the bookstore because I NEVER have a hard time spending money on new books and journals.



You have been given $100 on the condition that you must spend it all on yourself. What will you do with your money?

Thought #8

  1. I will never hurt someone intentionally.
  2. I will never reconcile with B**.
  3. I will never choose unhappiness.
  4. I will never stop loving.
  5. I will never harbor hatred.
  6. I will never give up.
  7. I will never stop dreaming.
  8. I will never look back.
  9. I will never regret.
  10. I will never stop learning.
  11. I will never lose myself.
  12. I will never stop exploring.
  13. I will never lose my curiosity.
  14. I will never lose adventure.
  15. I will never be ungrateful.
  16. I will never be wasteful.
  17. I will never be a hoarder.
  18. I will never pick a fight.
  19. I will never steal.
  20. I will never forget others.
  21. I will never stop being mindful.
  22. I will never like oysters.
  23. I will never waste time.
  24. I will never change the world.
  25. I will never stop trying to better myself.


List 25 things you will never do.

Thought # 7

My bookshelf is full of hobby items! I have books to read, as well as journals to write in. I have rocks & bouquets from some of my hikes. There is a pile of schoolbooks from EMT school, as well as some notebooks that I will be taking to graduate school. I even have a box of craft supplies, as well as my camera & computer equipment for my vlogs.



What kinds of items fill your bookshelves?

Thought #6

I don’t really have facial hair, since I’m female. I’d have peach fuzz at most; but I LOVE facial hair on men. It just looks so rugged & manly. Even if it’s just weekend-scruff. There’s just something natural & human about it. Groomed facial hair is cool too, but I wouldn’t expect everyone to want to put in that kind of effort on their appearance all of the time.



Do you like or have facial hair?

Thought #5

Right now my favorite TV series is Grey’s Anatomy. It’s fun and dramatic, and I also enjoy watching all of the surgeries! I hope to be working in a hospital like Seattle Grace someday, even if life isn’t going to be as big-screen amazing as the TV show.

I think that more people should watch shows that inspire them, as opposed to watching reality TV garbage.



What is your favorite TV series?

Thought #4

I definitely prefer taking risks over having a safety net. Risks are a great way of exploring something new or pushing yourself outside of a comfort zone. Personal growth lies outside of the comfort zone, and it’s important to me to continuously grow as a person so that I can be good to myself as well as those around me.

Taking risks, like moving across the country, have been my best experiences.



Do you prefer taking risks or having a safety net?

Thought #3

Right now, spending money on my cousins is worth it. I love going to the Dollar Tree or somewhere, and picking up either toys or treats for them. Something as simple as popsicles or squirt guns makes them so happy, and it’s nice to treat them to a little bit of extra fun every once in a while. And in the words of my stepdad Walt “It’s nice to buy gifts for people who appreciate them.”



Write about something presently in your life that is “worth it.”

Thought #2

I’m clean, organized, and careful. I don’t deal drugs or run a prostitution ring. I promise to take care of the place, and even leave it better than I find it.

Also… I have a steady job, and my credit score is awesome.



You’ve just found a cute apartment. But many people are vying for it. Write a few sentences to the landlord on why you are the best tenant in the world.