Why Am I Even Here?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I still haven’t found my calling in life.

Read about the stage I am at in life here.

Maybe I should have been paying attention in PSYCH101 when the topic of discussion was “Emerging Adulthood”. Looking back, I just didn’t want to believe that it could ever apply to me. I was supposed to graduate, land a career, and move off to some far away land that makes me happy.

The joke is on me though. Finding your ideal career (let alone a job you enjoy) is tough work. Things don’t change – people do – and who is to say that the profession you picked out for yourself when registering for classes freshman year isn’t the one you want to keep forever?

If I can be cliche for a minute, I’ll happily remind everyone that life is a journey. I have spent enough time around grandparents, Snowbirds, and the general retired population of SoFlo to learn that even in your late seventies, you can change you mind. Plenty of people spend their lives changing their careers, partners, and surroundings. Funny enough, you don’t hear about people regretting their major life changes nearly as often as you hear about people who didn’t make these major life changes.

What I do know about myself and my life is that I enjoy learning from the people, places, and experiences around me. I like getting taught a good life lesson – even if it hurts sometimes. I have also learned that I enjoy having fun along the way, and that you have to create for yourself a life worth living.

So using the good old fashioned science skills that I gained in college, I will be documenting the whole learning experience. Right here. For everyone to read. Like a true science geek.


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