Ten Things That You Learn When You Work As A Server

1. Don’t Mess With Anyone Before They Have Had Their Coffee.

Attempt at your own risk.

2. Hanger Is Very Real.

This is another serious warning, that shouldn’t require any kind of explanation.

3. Rude People Will Be Rude.

Some people just wake up in the morning and make the┬áconscious decision to wreak havoc on the moods of people around them. Don’t Bother trying to reason with them, just be polite and carry on.

4. People Will Make the Greatest OR Grossest Meal Requests.

Ah, creativity can be a wonderful, wonderful thing; until you are 15 modifiers deep on just one table and the kitchen is ready to kill you.

5. Everything You Thought You Knew About “Work Shoes” Was Wrong.

And you have slipped and fallen numerous times just testing all of your preconceived notions about sneakers and the elusive magic of grip.

6. Stress Management Is Vital To Your Success.

While a few servers have been able to survive without great stress management skills, you might want to just take a minute and tackle this self-development issue here and now.

7. Coworkers Are Your Best Allies.

Again, some have done without. But there’s nothing quite like having a group of people who will have each other’s backs, especially when you are all weeded.

8. Personality Is A Key Part Of Your Performance.

Don’t be the server with a chip on their shoulder. Just. Don’t.

9. You Will Never Screw Up This Often Anywhere Else

Stress management, supportive coworkers, and great personality come into play here. Just accept that you made a mistake, learn, then move on.

10. Dull Moments Are Few And Far Between.

Which is great! Because work would be much less enjoyable if you were bored all of the time.


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