The Edge of Your Comfort Zone

Recently I have been spending a fair amount of time on the internet as well as in bookstores doing something we have probably all done at least once in our lives. I have been searching high and low for the meaning of life as well as my purpose in life. What have I discovered? Not a whole lot other than the idea that nobody really has the answers to these questions. I have now decided that if I can’t figure out the right way to live life, that I should at least find a fulfilling way to live my  life.

What I have found, is that most of us modern humans spend our entire lives inside of this bubble. This imaginary bubble is more of a zone – a zone where everything is familiar to us – the forsaken comfort zone. How nice is it to spend every single day within your zone, feeling very comfortable in your financial status, your relationship status, as well as your usual hobbies and health routines. If we stay inside of these comfort zones doing the same things year in and year out, where do we get after years and years of this behavior? Not too far.

We have successfully stayed within the cozy confines of this comfort zone, and remained there for long periods of time.

But in all fairness there is something to be said for the comfort zones. They keep you relatively safe. You aren’t really taking large risks financially, emotionally, socially, or physically; you have avoided many potential disasters in this way. And this is a very good thing in it’s own right.

After taking all of this in, and we’re talking pages upon pages of articles, blogs, books, you name it, I have decided on a middle path for myself. I have decided that I need to find the edge of my comfort zone (which is constantly changing for me) and to go there. I have decided that I will not grow as a person if I stick to the same things and experiences for my entire life. At the same time, it probably isn’t prudent to completely jump out of your comfort zone and into a dangerous situation – be it financial, physical or otherwise. Because once again, the comfort zone is one of those mechanisms that keeps us safe.

Hopefully this life experiment will be a fruitful journey of pushing myself to try new things and go out and experience things that would usually make me a little bit uncomfortable, because you never really know what could come of it. You could find a new job, a new passion, a circle of friends, or even meet the love of your life.

Like they say, life happens at the edge of your comfort zone.

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Jay Frankly


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