Off Days

Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t drive a nail in straight? I literally mean, a day where you are sitting there with a nail, hammer, and some decent pine but you couldn’t get the nail in straight if your life depended on it.

After a few failed attempts at nailing together a shelf, I just gave up. Instead of driving myself as well as the neighbors insane, I resorted to pouting until dinnertime. Why couldn’t I just do it? It’s the simplest of tasks, especially compared to the sawing and drilling that I had completed earlier that day with the utmost of ease. But it just happens. Blaming it on a wiggly hammer, bendy screws, and soft pine wasn’t going to fix it; I just wasn’t able to do it that day.

Sure enough a day later it had just become something funny to laugh about. I joked to a coworker “you ever have a day where you can’t drive a nail in straight, no matter how hard you try?” only to receive the most sincere response.

It happens to the best of us.

Well isn’t that the darn truth. We really do get those days where no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t performing at your best, and that’s okay. We can’t expect ourselves to never have an off day because they inevitably will happen. We just have to accept these moments and laugh it off while remembering that we can always try again tomorrow.

It goes for all things in life, not just home improvement projects. Although I will admit that not driving a nail in was the most humbling moment of my week.

Jay Frankly


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