Heartmade Gifts

The past few days I have spent working on a project at home. Mother’s day is around the corner and I thought that it might be nice to build my mom some box shelves to hang up and put little trinkets in. Originally I had begun on this project as a “just because” gift, only to later decide that I could easily pass it off as my Mother’s Day present.

Don’t blame me for being lazy here, I am still taking my time to build something. And that is the whole point.

The point of this gift was for me to take time out of my schedule (which admittedly is pretty open right now) and create something with my own two hands for a person that I love. Buying an expensive gift lets the person know that you are thinking about them, and that you will spend your hard earned bacon on something to brighten their day – but what about the handmade gifts?

Are the handmade gifts a lost art in this technological age? We live in a society where almost anything you could possibly want can be made available to you with a click, a call, or a short drive to the corner store. Have we all but forgotten how nice it is to receive a gift that someone has taken the time to make for you?

Perhaps I’m an outlier here, but I will always treasure the handmade gifts, the homemade cards, and the handwritten poems from those I love.


See me create the gift here:

Jay Frankly


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