Fireworks and Finishing First

Running is a daily part of my life. Usually I try to get a run in during the daylight hours, but sometimes I simply just don’t get a chance to run until nighttime. Lately it feels as if all of my runs are nighttime runs.

The other night I started my run just trudging along thinking to myself about how I need to just get it together and force myself to wake up earlier to fit daytime runs into my morning routine. I am too old to get away with sleeping in until noon every day (although I still try) and I should join to rest of the adult world by learning how to time manage my workouts better.

Two miles into my run, I was still beating myself up over my inability to set an alarm for morning runs. But then it happened; big booming and popping sounds started to seep into the music I had bee playing on my iPod. After a few more booms and cracks I decided to look up and see what was going on.


I am lucky enough to live on the river, and go for runs near the river and even in beautiful weather like we have here in Florida. But I didn’t notice any of that until I looked up to watch fireworks over the river that night. It was my own personal firework show on the river in the cool spring air and it was the last thing that I was expecting.

It shouldn’t take a firework show to do it, we should be looking all around us all of the time at the things that we are lucky to have. I should not have waited until fireworks on the river pulled me out of a self-shaming spiral. I should be more excited about the life I already have and taking moments to think about all I already have, and have accomplished should occur more often.

P.S. If you run a race against yourself daily, you always come in first.

Jay Frankly


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