Being Considerate of Others’ Experiences

I’m sure that by this point everyone has heard some version of the phrase “Everyone is going through something” which aims to encourage individuals to be conscious of the fact that every other person around them has things that they have gone through, are going through, or will go through. We say this phrase to remind each other that you can’t make snap judgements on people or assume that they aren’t going through something in their own life.

Basically- nobody has it easy. And we should all be wary of that.

But here is another concept. Everyone knows something.

Today I had a series of encounters with an individual who repeatedly talked down to me and belittled everything that I had to say. For no reason other than my age. I kid you not, I was told that I am too young to know ANYTHING.

Honestly everyone older than me has probably gathered more life experiences, wisdom, and hopefully knowledge. They simply have seen more than me. That is okay, they have had much more time to spend learning about the world. But not everyone gathers the same amount of experience in the same amount of time. Some people have traveled the world at a young age, some people have started their own businesses, some people have advanced degrees at a young age, and some have even seen the front lines of war.

Just because someone is younger than you does not mean that they haven’t learned some of the same things, or perhaps they have learned even more than their elders.

You can not disregard the voices of those around you because you feel that you may know more. You never know what kinds of wisdom others around you may have to offer up. We should encourage the sharing of experiences and wisdom so that we may all learn from each other. We have so much more to gain in life by listening than lose by hanging onto a belief that someone else can’t possibly know the things that you are wishing to learn.

Every person that you meet will know more than you on one subject. And each of those people will also know less than you on another subject.

Now we just have to respect what those around us have to say.

Jay Frankly


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