Pining Away

Pining away seems like it is a way of life for me at this point. Current circumstances have led me to come back to my mom’s house to work and relax while medical testing is done. Getting up and driving back home to your parent’s is hard when you have already tried to establish a life for yourself on your own. You work so hard to do things like finish school, get a job, and start nesting in a new apartment – only to walk away from it.

Even though it is only a temporary situation, it feels as if it is going to last forever. I was hoping that I could get tested, treated, and sent back home immediately, but I am now learning the extent of my patience since this is proving to be a multi-month affair. Thus I am pining away for the life that I put on hold.

As good as things are here I just can not shake the desire to head right back to the home I made for myself. Missing the people that I had come to surround myself with is the hardest part. The support system I want is miles away while I sit trapped in an island of a bedroom – connected to my world back home via computer screen – but still alone in my situation.

Jay Frankly


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