Mt. Sherman

My Mt. Sherman adventure.


Thought #13

I prefer sunset probably because I hate waking up before sunrise. Who actually enjoys being up that early? I don’t. I like watching the day turn into night, especially at the beach, where you can watch the sun slowly sink away into the water. And where I’m from, we all stand out on Anna Maria Island and wait to see “the green flash” when the last bit of sun passes under the horizon line.

still think that it’s bogus.



Which do you prefer: sunrise or sunset?

Thought #12

Right now I am wearing a long sleeved white T-Shirt, dark wash Abercrombie skinny jeans and wool socks. My outfits tells you that I’m practical, traditional, and classic. The socks tell you that Joe knows how to shop for me. My Apple watch screams “I LIKE TO BE ORGANIZED,”and my friendship bracelet whispers “Dara loves me enough to send gifts.”



What do the clothes you are wearing right now say about you?

Thought #11

Thank You Joe. Thank you for becoming a part of my life and sharing adventure, happiness & compassion. Meeting you has changed me in many positive ways and I’m glad for it. You may or may not have had this effect on other people, but it is awesome and I want to keep you forever because of it. Thank you for being so very much you!



Write a one-minute “Thank You” note to someone.